Career Transitions Inc. Executive Coaching Program

Career Transitions’ Executive Coaching Program is designed to develop professionals and executives who seek special consultative support at pivotal points in their careers.  It focuses on assessing the individual’s current portfolio of skills and competencies, helping them improve in areas of development, identifying the direction of their future career path, and broadening and enhancing their career opportunities within the organization.

While focusing on these personal and organizational dynamics, Career Transitions, Inc., assists in building upon the talent and motivation that brought these professionals to their current level of success by increasing their value in the workplace, strengthening their interpersonal relationships, and enhancing their personal sense of satisfaction and achievement.

The Coaching Profile is a tool for the organizations’ leader who plays a critical role in producing results through a team and needs to improve his/her communication skills and change traditional managing styles of “telling and directing” into “communication, support and leadership”.

The Coaching sessions are focused on the key areas for development selected by the Coaching Client including, but not limited to, interpersonal skills, personal skills, business skills, and leadership skills. In our innovative program the participant gains knowledge of and enjoys the learning experience to accomplish:

  • Knowing theirselves
  • Learning about their leadership style
  • How to manage and influence others
  • How to manage change
  • How to feel empowered and to better their working style
  • Teamwork

The organization sees the results in immeasurable business aspects, such as improvement in communication, increased job satisfaction of the executive and colleagues, improvement in interpersonal relationships, and the teamwork.

Career Transitions, Inc. Executive Coaching Program is very fluid and demands a close working partnership between the Career Transitions Inc. coach and the Organization.  Boundary definition, responsibilities and task management require consistent and ongoing communications.

This program offers executives the opportunity in four distinct phases that are designed to bring major changes in the individuals management styles, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence that will lead to enhance the executive effectiveness in the workplace. The program will give executives the experience of designing his/her own return to management effectiveness and executive excellence.

For more information on Executive Coaching Program, please contact Career Transitions, Inc. today (787) 764-2298.

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