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Career Transitions, Inc. offers innovative organizational solutions which are a great tool for helping create a business environment that is more adaptive, collaborative, and skill-ready, which will increase results in the improvement of performance as well as quality of work.

Our training system has been designed to work both at the intellectual and behavioral levels. It is highly interactive with great emphasis on learning by experience through exercises and role plays.

 Our Main Training And Development Programs:

Facing the Future/Change Management:

Prepares employees to accept and deal with organizational changes with a proactive attitude, making them aware of the many alternatives and opportunities that come with changes in essence.

Teambuilding/Team Integration:

Encourages each participant to become more proactive in the organization’s performance.

Dimensions of Teambuilding and Leadership Profile:

Identifies teams’ roles in the organization, defining teambuilding needs, developing effective leaders and gaining acceptance of leadership diversity.

Conflict Management and Resolution:

Helps recognize conflicting and/or potentially dysfunctional areas, providing the tools and techniques for managing conflict and negotiating agreement within the organization.

Interview Skills for Interviewers:

Improves managers and personnel interviewers’ effectiveness in interviewing and hiring personnel.

Effective Supervisory and Management Techniques:

Aimed at creating new insights about the following styles: management, interpersonal and executive thinking, and helps to develop new and more effective behaviors and attitudes, and to identify and change any ineffective and inappropriate behaviors that may be “blind spots”.

Time Management:

Aims at achieving increased organizational effectiveness and improving performance through the maximization of time, while reducing stress and achieving a better work/life balance. It helps the employees understand their habits and learn how to effectively set priorities, plan, delegate, schedule and meet deadlines.

Cultural Awareness:

Focuses in the understanding of a country’s language, ability to communicate effectively across cultures, business practices and proving to be an invaluable tool to working more effectively and profitably.

Adventures in Attitudes:

Establishes personal responsibility and accountability in the midst of change, helping turn passive resistance into high-energy performance and negative attitudes into positive ones.

Focus Groups:

Designed to help participants recognize and effectively handle various issues within the workplace. Employing skills used in mediation, negotiation and active communication, participants will practice positive and creative approaches to neutralizing conflicts.

Business Etiquette:

Highly practical and interactive workshop that can help you learn strategic tools and techniques that distinguished yourself from the rest and make a positive impact, both in work and social settings.

Service Excellence:

Gives all participants a powerful new insight into client behavior, effective tools, and easy to learn skills for creating lasting client satisfaction, relationships, and repeat business.

Strategic Thinking:

Focuses on finding and developing unique opportunities to create value by enabling creative dialogue among people who can affect a company’s direction and can transform the way companies do business.

Employee Retention Program:

This program focuses on the specific strategies and tactics which can be applied to create and sustain a competitive advantage by increasing your company’s attractiveness to current and potential employees while pinpointing and emphasizing the reasons why an employee should stay with the company.

Coach the Coach/Train the Trainer:

Prepares employees to accept and deal with organizational changes with a proactive attitude, making them aware of the many alternatives and opportunities that come with changes in essence.

Organizational Change Management

Harvard Negotiation Skills Seminar

The mission of the Harvard Negotiation Project (HNP) is to improve the theory and practice of conflict resolution and negotiation by working on real world conflict intervention, theory building, education and training, and writing and disseminating new ideas.