For Organizations:

Whether planning a restructuring or reducing the workforce, Career Transitions Inc. provides tailor-made range of offerings adjusted to number of employees, budget, and Company’s procedures and norms. There are three main areas we can assist during a transition process:  job search, self-employment and pre-retirement

  • Become a strategic partner during the initial steps of the process and integrate our company services and resources with yours.
  • Active participation during the separation of employees from the organization.
  • We provide cost effective solutions to fit your budget.
  • Highly flexible programs tailored to clients specific needs.
  • We provide a unique virtual career center only available with a password to access recruiters, job banks, company research in addition to our manual program.
  • Workshops or individual coaching for those who remain to help them manage and adapt to rapid changing work environments.
  • Manage the redeployment of employees to new roles in the organization.
  • We work individually or in groups with outplacement candidates to help them:
    • Determine the best career path
    • Develop outstanding resumes
    • Utilize the best resources for finding jobs
    • Learn how and where to network
    • Polish interviewing skills
    • Learn to negotiate the best compensation package

  • Additional Benefits if Required:

    • Training for Management and Supervisors for effective handling of terminations
    • On-site Career Centers
    • Workspace and office resources
    • In-house trainings for terminated groups
    • Assistance during Termination Notification, including venting sessions with employees

  • Two or three day Group Outplacement Workshop for a group of employees, covering the following topics:
    • Managing Personal and Professional Change
    • Résumé Preparation
    • Developing Effective Marketing Tools
    • Job Interview Techniques
    • Negotiating an offer
    • Financial Orientation
  • A one-on-one Coaching with a Career Coach based on each candidate’s transitional needs. He/she may choose among these additional support programs

    Job Search Program

    Consulting Professional Services Program


    Planning for Retirement

  • Individual Career Coaching