Global Services through Career Transitions, Inc. are designed to help the employee and accompanying family adjust quickly to their new environment so that employee productivity and focus remains high and the assignment is successful. Once destination services are complete, employees and their accompanying families can survive in their new location, but do they have the resources and help to truly thrive? Since family concerns consistently rank as the top reason for assignment failure, and family adjustment to the new environment is critical to the assignee’s productivity in the job, it is vital to address these important issues.

Our Relocation Specialist holds the "Global Mobile Specialist” designation from the "Employment Relocation Council” and has more than 15 years experience in offering relocation services to corporate clients.

Participants will benefit by gaining the following insights:

  • Our Relocation specialist will work one-on-one to help manage their relocation needs
  • Provide necessary information that will allow the participants to maximize the entire process of relocation
  • Assure stability for the participants during the process in order for them to go through a smooth and quick transition during the relocation process

  • Under Career Transitions, Inc.program assignees and their spouses / partners are assigned an individual, dedicated coach who will proactively be in contact with the employee and spouse / partner before, during, and after the move to assist with critical issues – including spouse career and long-term employee / family adjustment to their new environment.

  • Individual Initial Orientation
    A job relocation coach will be assigned to each employee / family to identify and examine the critical issues that an employee and family must address before relocating to the new position. The assigned coach will seek answers to key questions and provide important research that will address specific change management factors.

    Pre-Hire Orientation
    • Tailored briefing in content from up- to- date background information on Puerto Rico to invaluable advice on communicating, local laws, customs and life styles
    • Debriefing on differing customs, values and business practices
    • Look-See Trip (Area Tour Orientation)
    • Preparation prior to arrival (questionnaire)
    • Welcome / Transfer
    • Housing overview
    • Temporary Living Assistance - (Short Term rental)
    • Furniture Leasing Assistance - if applicable
    • Installation of Utilities assistance- water, power, internet, cable tv
    • Help finding Housing, rentals or Apartments
    • Assistance in finding Banks, restaurants
    • Help with the clubs and membership information around the area
    • Help assisting in the buying of a new car
    • All the documentation necessary like Drivers License, Costco membership
    • Help with children extracurricular activities
    • Program support & counseling
  • The ability to relate effectively to all types of people is one of today’s essential leadership skills. 
    This workshop helps participants cope with difficult-to-deal with behaviors, pay special attention to the people and diversity issues that could interfere with organizational goals.
    • Generational Trends that will impact the Future of Businesses Globally
    • Understanding what people are really saying
    • Diversity Concepts
    • Giving feedback to avoid misunderstanding
    • How personality impacts successful communication
    • Sexual Harassment Prevention
    • Conflict Resolution at Work
    • Sexual harassment prevention workshop