Customized programs aligned with the needs of each client to measure complex behavior accurately using several assessment tools. Our Assessment Center focuses in the diagnosis to help identify the profile of professionals as well as mapping the characteristics and competencies needed for the multi discipline teams which will be the drivers of the organizational development programs

360 Feedback Survey:

Provides the process for an individual to receive feedback from his/her supervisor, peers and direct reports about such individuals’ perceived capabilities and work style. Focuses on both leadership and operational effectiveness, and highlights an individual’s ability to provide and implement vision and structure to an organization.

DiSC Dimensions of Behavior and Leadership Styles:

Helps individuals assess to what degree they utilize each Dimension of Behavior in a given situation. The instrument then provides feedback designed to help people in an organization discover behavioral strengths, value the strengths of others, foster teamwork and improve communication skills.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI):

Reflects personal preferences or styles, used to assess leadership profiles, strengthen self-awareness, increase personal effectiveness and promote cooperation and teamwork.

Birkman Method:

Designed to accurately measure and understands individual performance potential, clarifying strengths and effective behaviors, interests and goals, management styles, thinking styles, underlying needs and stress behaviors across a range of industries.

Time Mastery Profile:

Provides a tool for exploring an individual or group time management skills based on both the job importance and relative self-assessed skill level. The instrument provides an overview of the categories (priorities, delegation, planning, procrastination, etc.) to work with a group or an individual.

Discovering Diversity Profile:

This instrument is designed for organizations and individuals interested in developing interpersonal relations. The profile introduces a process that helps draw out our knowledge, feelings, and understanding of the variety of human qualities.

Personal Listening Profile:

Assessment that helps identify individuals preferred Listening Style and helps understand how they can use other approaches when appropriate. It is designed to help people accept interpersonal differences and adopt behavioral strategies that foster consideration, collaborative, and effective relationships.