Career Transitions’ Executive Coaching Program is designed to develop professionals and executives who seek special consultative support at pivotal points in their careers.  It focuses on assessing the individual’s current portfolio of skills and competencies, helping them improve in areas of development, identifying the direction of their future career path, and broadening and enhancing their career opportunities within the organization.

While focusing on these personal and organizational dynamics, Career Transitions, Inc., assists in building upon the talent and motivation that brought these professionals to their current level of success by increasing their value in the workplace, strengthening their interpersonal relationships, and enhancing their personal sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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Too many times we see Executive Coaching as a tool in the human resources arsenalas a solution or remedy to evaluate executive effectiveness and assist in correcting Manager deficiencies or opportunities.  We only use this tremendous resource as a remedy to a potential problem area and not as the preventive tool it is in forming management teams and effective leaders.  Executive Coaching programs are designed to pinpoint those areas managers are less Skilled at and isolate them from his stronger areas.  Executive Coaching programs if used correctly can assist management in having Stronger managers, more effective leaders and more focused teams.

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We’ve all had a boss that we loved to work with and got the best from us…and a boss that we disliked, a toxic boss, to whom we gave the minimum to stay “alive”.  The first one inspired us, encouraged us to take risks, and valued our work and ourselves as human beings.  The second, the toxic boss, related to us in an environment of fear, threats and therefore did not fully engage our best qualities and our best efforts.This is what emotional intelligence in a leader is all about.  An emotional intelligent leader will create a certain culture or work environment that will be high in information sharing, trust, healthy risk taking, and learning. In this type of environment people think better, are more creative and contribute more to the company. On the other hand, a cranky, ruthless boss will create a toxic organization filled with fear and anxiety and will foster negative underachievers who ignore opportunities, who would leave the company if they could, and if they can’t, would leave psychologically.
The fact that emotional intelligence in leadership is directly related to increased operating profits has been proven incessantly through research. It is a fact that the leader’s mood and behavior is a potent driver of business success.

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La Junta de Directores de la Cámara de Mercadeo, Industria y Distribución de Alimentos (MIDA) aprobó a Career Transitions, Inc. como nuevo socio afiliado. A través de esta alianza nuestra firma, especializada en consultoría de Recursos Humanos y desarrollo organizacional,  apoyará a MIDA en su misión de desarrollar y servir a tan importante industria en Puerto Rico. ¡Enhorabuena!


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