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What is DiSC?

Obtaining best results on the job and in your private life.

Discover a practical approach to develop your personality: 

Aimed at people who want to improve their personal and social competence.

    • Learn to distinguish different behavioral tendencies and deal with them.
    • Recognize your own strengths and weaknesses when dealing with others.
    • Develop ideas and strategies and put them into practice in everyday life.

The Personality Factor Model describes your behavioral style and understand your needs.

Dominant (D)

Motivated to solve problems and achieve quick results.

Influencing (I)

Motivated to convince. They are open and usually express their thoughts and feelings optimistically.

Steady (S)

Motivated to create a predictable enviroment. They are patient and good listeners. 

Cautious (C)

Motivated to reach high standars. They want to avoid trouble, attach importance to precision and accuracy, obtaining best results on the job and private life. 

The Seminarist

Seminars featuring the persolog® Personality Factor Profile are conducted by authorized trainers worldwide, from Europe to Australia and from Asia to the United States. 

The Content
  • Basics of behavior.
  • First steps with the persolog® Personality Factor Profile and creating your own profile.
  • Defining and understanding your own behavioral style.
  • Respecting another person’s behavioral style.
  • Dealing with other people effectively and developing successful strategies for cooperation.
  • Personal plan of action for improving performance.
What makes it special?
  • Pragmatic and practical.
  • It can be implemented immediately in everyday life since the four behavioral styles can easily be understood and remembered. 
  • It’s a method that will help you make progress quickly and easily. 
  • The instruments deployed are based on academic models.
  • Uses follow an easy-to-understand approaches and thus create lasting behavioral change.

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Questions that you will be able to answer after the seminar…
    • How do I recognize and enhance my strengths?
    • How can I assess others better?
    • How can I reduce the potential for conflict beforehand?
    • How can I increase my self-confidence?
    • How can I promote people in my environment?
    • What is the “right” place for me?
    • Who complements me best?
How is the seminar structured?
  • Impulse speakers: experienced trainers present the content in a relevant, practical and needs-oriented way.
  • Practical exercises: even the best lecture is no substitute for your own experience.
  • Group discussion: you are given the opportunity to engage in intensive exchanges of views and experiences.
  • Case studies: Specific case studies will strengthen the basis of what you have learned and help you to recognize different behavioral styles. 
  • Detailed documents for participants to take home. 
  • The seminar fee covers wide-ranging working materials. 

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Register in our next DiSC seminar and obtain certification!!!

  • 1 full day (8-hour) seminar in Spanish

  • Includes, course material and Certificate of Completion


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