Strategic Alliance

  • Careers Inc. is Puerto Rico’s and the Caribbean’s leading Professional & Executive Recruiting Firm. Founded in 1970 and in April 2013 was purchased by Ruth Gonzalez, Carla Deyo and Clara Amiama from its current Chairman of the Board, Rupert R. Amy. With over 44 years as a recognized leader in the recruitment industry in Puerto Rico, a professional staff of 28 full time employees and a database of approximately 35,000 resumes, our firm is viewed as a major resource in recruiting local executive talent by our clients.

  • CMI, a Management Consulting firm with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Uruguay and Argentina that specializes in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and the Management of trends and relationships. CMI has its origin from the Harvard Negotiation Project, world known for its theory in Negotiation and Conflict Management for the last 25 years. With International clients worldwide, CMI has serviced small and large companies since 1997.